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Baby Under Blanket

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalm 127:3



#10....1.6 Million babies die each year from abortion.

#9.....Approximately 2 million couples in America are ready and waiting to adopt.

#8.....Only 50,000 babies are placed for adoption each year.

#7.....95% of all abortions are done for the convenience of eliminating the unplanned child.

#6.....Only 1% of all abortions are due to rape or incest.

#5.....Only 1% of all abortions are due to fetal health problems.

#4.....Only 3% of all abortions are due to the mother's health problems.

#3.....Women can legally abort throughout their entire nine months of pregnancy...for ANY reason.

#2.....Unborn babies have a heartbeat at 3 weeks, and brain wave activity at 6 weeks. All surgical abortions take place AFTER 7 weeks of pregnancy. Every surgical abortion in America stops a heartbeat!

#1.....The millions of innocent unborn children murdered for the sake of convenience can end by the earnest prayers and activism of our church leaders.

Our president proclaims to be a Christian and prolife, but has made disturbing comments during his campaign, stating that America isn't ready to end abortion. The Gospel Church must make him believe otherwise! George W. Bush has the power to influence both pro-life Republicans and Democrats into pushing legislation that will end the abortion holocaust in this nation. Our prolife president also has the ability to issue executive orders than can severely cripple the abortion industry. NOW is the time for pastors, along with their congregations, to unite together to remind our president of his proclaimed prolife convictions.


Associated Press, 6/14/99:
Bush has said he is opposed to abortion and would support a constitutional amendment making the procedure illegal-except in cases of rape, incest and when the womans life is jeopardy. But he also says Americans dont support the measure, THUS THERE IS NO NEED TO PURSUE IT.

We humbly ask you, dear pastor, to view this website and consider joining other pastors in ending the American abortion holocaust. United together, we can help stop the sacrifice of millions of unborn children. If we ignore innocent unborn children being ripped apart in the womb, and being buried in abortion clinic trash dumpsters all across this nation, we will not be able to plead ignorance before God....


Proverbs 24:11 (KJV) Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, Oh hold them back. If you say, "See, we did not know this," Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul? And will He not render to man according to his work?


"The fetus, though enclosed in the womb of its mother, is already a human being and it is a most monstrous crime to rob it of the life which it has not yet begun to enjoy. If it seems more horrible to kill a man in his own house than in a field, because a man's house is his place of most secure refuge, it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light."
(John Calvin, Commentary on Pentateuch)

The Prolife Pastor Network is committed to ending abortion by peaceful means, and will not support or associate with any person, or parties, that advocate violence. The Bible teaches that "the unfaithful crave violence" (Prov. 13:2), and that Christians are to never take revenge in their own hands (Romans 12:19-21).

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."